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Project-Question: Partnership Formation Urgent!
ID: 1128373304

Status: Open Urgent!
Created: 10/3/2005 14:01
Delivery Date: 10/5/2005 14:01 (expired)
Project-Question Creator: jamesms74
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I am a sole proprietary entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of a family of businesses in Nashville, TN. The name of my empire is XYZ Enterprises. Currently, I have 4 businesses which serve as subsidiaries of XYZ Enterprises. I am considering adding a 5th business subsidiary to be formed as a partnership. I’d like to structure the business to allow my partner 60% of the profits and naming rights of the business entity. Additionally, I’d like for the business to have a legal bind to XYZ Enterprises as one of it’s subsidiaries as long as the partnership is legally active. The business would be labeled as, “123, a subsidiary of XYZ Enterprises” (as are all of the other subsidiaries that I own the rights to). How can I legally structure and register such a partnership agreement?
Categories: Entrepreneurship

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provice1 $ 10 1 day(s) 10/3/2005 15:44
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My best advice to the business owner is to call up your States Department of Corporation and inquire whether you can apply a D.B.A. "Doing Business As" to your current corporation charter listing your business partner as priciple of this business entity.
kkemper $ 25 1 day(s) 10/3/2005 14:11
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you are not CEO of your proprietorship. but i can help you with any biz needs. and this impending partnership
chandrakant2 $ 40 1 day(s) 8/22/2008 1:05
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Make a an active partner. for further information accept the bid and place the deposit.

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