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Project-Question: company roles/responsibilties
ID: 1194397925

Status: Open
Budget: $ 1000-2500
Created: 11/6/2007 17:12
Delivery Date: 2/4/2008 17:12 (expired)
Project-Question Creator: nllinfo
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I have an established business, we now need to turn the business into a better structure with roles and responsibilities that will be used for the long term, how do we implement a system (ie task management system/workflow system) that allows us to grow and hold people accountable via a virtual workplace?

we need a roles and responsibilities structure that utilizes a user friendly system that allow our business workflow to run efficiently
Categories: Advertising and Media

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gorretyh $ 500 2 day(s) 11/10/2013 12:37
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i am an expert in business related issues and am always on time. i can deliver an excellent paper if given a chance.
fingerprintdiva $ 500 5 day(s) 11/25/2008 17:07
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I can install a website application for you and set it up to handle your work flow. You can design the roles of the employees within the application.
viralvandre $ 750 60 day(s) 12/5/2007 22:16
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Give me the bid and i will finish the project for you..
egypt33 $ 1000 1 day(s) 9/17/2008 11:43
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i can help you.there are some general actions and plans,you should first study the market,assure yourself that human resources are handling,analise some developed similar companies ,watch their structure and provide all the resources you need.we can discuss more and make a plan.
kkemper $ 1000 89 day(s) 11/6/2007 19:58
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need more data
niquenyafulbright $ 1500 60 day(s) 1/17/2008 8:38
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Need additional detail to understand full nature of needs.
eklmattke $ 1750 1 day(s) 5/4/2012 14:36
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kalmax $ 2400 1 day(s) 7/21/2012 18:52
(No Feedback Yet)
To have a good and proper management in the company, it is important to have a proper pipeline and workflow design. You should have a Asset Management & Project Tracking system to have a proper flow. I'll suggest you to have these two in you system. But first understand and design your Systematic Pipeline with progressive workflow.
nmacej $ 2500 30 day(s) 3/27/2016 11:18
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I see that your post was from a few years ago, but remains active. Should you be experiencing any growing pains, communication issues, or workflow troubles, etc... I would be happy to discuss options.
sophiewasley $ 2500 60 day(s) 11/16/2014 20:03
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Firstly I will provide an analysis of the business. We will then implement the important job roles followed by sourcing the most effective work slow management software to suit the growing needs of the business.

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