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Project-Question: Expanding Online Business
ID: 1412424305

Status: Open
Created: 10/4/2014 5:05
Delivery Date: 1/2/2015 4:05 (expired)
Project-Question Creator: uyers
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I along with my friend have been supplying our own home decor products through eBay since a year. Overwhelmed by the positive response, we wish to expand it probably through our own store by adding products from other suppliers as well. To the effect we are looking for reliable suppliers. Also my partner came across a site called which I believe provides verified supplier information. Please advise on this as well.
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paulokoduwa $ 30 1 day(s) 1/30/2015 13:43
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am not assuring you of the best answer to you question but i can assure you i will do the best i can withing the short period available
dotrus $ 40 60 day(s) 11/3/2014 0:16
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I am an expert in eBay selling and buying.. i have a lot of knowledge in all inquired matters. Be sure to get detailed and helpful advice by assigning me this task
falloncade $ 45 1 day(s) 10/15/2014 14:04
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Research and provide a detailed list of suppliers and wholesale to meet your style and budget, as well as tips to balancing potential demand with supply.
skmohammadadil $ 50 1 day(s) 10/4/2014 23:57
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I can give you all advises on the topics u provided! I myself have sold on ebay and earned enough! I can give out the secrets to you to earn much more! Waiting for your acceptance!
help $ 60 3 day(s) 10/21/2014 6:06
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Ley me help you I do it daily I will research and provide a d list of suppliers and wholesale to meet your budget I will help you step by step.
fanasi93 $ 150 2 day(s) 6/25/2015 16:09
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I can compile a 3 paged document that will explicitely elaborate business growth and expansion tactics plus offer more than a 100 marketing tactics and strategies. I can also give you a few marketing strategies on how to gain a large customer base internationally in case your business becomes multinational. I can also establish business partnerships with 10 individuals/affiliates from 10 different countries on your behalf who would sell products on your behalf.
lfc2470 $ 200 14 day(s) 3/1/2015 7:56
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I would recommend an initial requirements list to ensure this project fulfills your long-term objectives. If demand is high on eBay, you may consider launching an independent store on another platform, like Shopify. Home decor is extremely popular. I recently attended the Las Vegas trade show in January. I met many wholesale suppliers and picked up catalogs as well - these are qualified suppliers with minimums. This is a realistic bid for an initial start of a project.

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